The Pikaia Lodge Experience

A new step in the evolution of luxury eco-adventure in the Galapagos Islands

The Pikaia Lodge concept is designed for the environmentally conscious,

physically active and adventurous traveler, who seeks close contact with the unique natural wonders of the Galapagos, with the highest level of comfort and services that can be provided within the limitations of such a remote, restricted and eco-sensitive location.

In contrast to traditional cruises, our land-based tour programs offer higher comfort,

more privacy and personalized attention, a finer gastronomy, arrival & departure date flexibility, and most important, the possibility to avoid seasickness common to live-aboard yacht cruises.

Pikaia Lodge is located in Santa Cruz Island.

Due to its central location in the archipielago, it has provided us with the perfect opportunity to develop our unique land-based concept. Many of the most fascinating islands are nearby, with secluded white sand beaches and incredible wildlife.
As our guest, you will enjoy active, quality guided land and marine day programs in small groups. At night you will rest in our spacious and serene lodge.

All these islands can be reached within relatively short navigation times on board our 100 ft, comfortable, private yacht M/Y Pikaia I.

You will also discover some of the finest beaches
the Galapagos has to offer.

Pikaia Lodge is actually located in the heart of its own private giant Tortoise Reserve.

Children are also welcome at Pikaia Lodge, making it an excellent family destination.

Pikaia Lodge is one of the most advanced green lodges built in the world. It operates with alternative energy resources and has a comprehensive social responsibility program.

The Pikaia Lodge Name

Pikaia Gracilens

Since the Galapagos Islands famously inspired Charles Darwin’s Evolution Theory and remain living proof of it, evolution is the theme of our lodge. With the lodge’s name, we honor our oldest known ancestors from which all modern mammals, fish and reptiles are descendant. The Pikaia Gracilens is believed to be the first creature to have evolved into a vertebrate during the Cambrian period some 500 million years ago.

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The Galapagos beaches
The Galapagos beaches
The Galapagos beaches